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  • Virtual BassLine 3.5

    New version of this popular bass line for musicians and DJs that needs versatility in their live sessions. If you are a DJ or a musician that
  • Bassline CDP 1.05

    General CD player. But it is very small and easy to control with keyboard only(CursorKeys,and Numeric Keys...) 100%
  • TAL-BassLine 1.5.5

    TAL-BassLine is an effective analog bass synthesizer particularly prepared for bass, acid sounds and effects. Based on a robust core and has the
  • Bassline WinPopUp 5.27f

    Without server and address book set-up, send and receive messages in your office by browsing users displayed in user/computer/workgroup name. It
  • Virtual GPS 1.47

    Virtual GPS is a GPS simulator software. You can use it to simulate a GPS receiver unit connected to your system. It's ideal when you need GPS input,
  • Virtual DJ 7.4.1

    Virtual DJ is a software which was developed for you to use your computer as a karaoke machine. Virtual DJ adapts itself to the user and can be
  • Virtual CAT 1.6

    To automatically catalog content of CDs,DVDs and all other medias so you can browse all your files and folder virtually without having to have the
  • Virtual CD

    The handy utility Virtual CD is capable of creating the images of your optical media. Its usage enables you to use these images any time even without
  • Virtual VCR 2.6.9

    The small, free and versatile video capture application Virtual VCR has different useful options for all types of video capture tasks. It is
  • Virtual Cop 1.00

    Defeat the robbers and get the money back. Virtual Cop: Defeat the robbers and get the money
  • Virtual ][ 5.8.5

    Emulates the Apple ][, ][+ and //e Supports USB game pad or joystick Store away a running machine and resume later on Full-screen mode Epson
  • Virtual Age

    Process contemporary photographs by adding them the spirit of past times with Tembo Virtual Age software! Create images that look just like those made
  • Virtual AGC 1.0

    Virtual AGC is a computer model of the AGC. It does not try to mimic the superficial behavioral characteristics of the AGC, but rather to model the
  • Virtual COM-UDP 2.7

    VirtualCOM-UDP is a software based UDP/COM Port Redirector solution that provides communications between a virtual serial COM Port and any remote or
  • Virtual U 2.11

    Virtual U is designed to foster better understanding of management practices in American colleges and universities.It provides students, teachers, and
  • Virtual Pet 1.0.1

    You can make your boring time interested by playing full of excitement Virtual Pet game. In this game, there is a pet and the aim of player is to take
  • Virtual ANS 1.1

    VirtualANS (ANS - the abbreviation for "Alexandr Nicolaevitch Skryabin", the great Russian composer) is the software analogue of the first Russian
  • Virtual C.R.O. 2.0.3

    The Virtual C.R.O. program simulates a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (C.R.O.). It has been designed for engineering students to study various waveforms
  • Virtual AD 2.0

    VirtualAD (Virtual Active Directory) is a health & design checking, planning, reporting, simulation and troubleshooting tool for Windows 2000 & 2003
  • MP3 Virtual CD 2.0

    MP3 Virtual CD is a very simple tool that can convert many songs to CD files
  • Virtual 98 1.0

    This PC98 emulator requires MMX, so I have been unable to try this one out, too, but I will update the descriptions as soon as I get a chance to try
  • Virtual Desk 1.2

    Virtual Desktop is a desktop manager to create many virtual desktops and switch among them. With Virtual Desktop, your computer has many virtual
  • ITM Virtual USB Driver 2.0

    There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. Also there is a lot of the technologies in the market
  • Virtual PDF Printer 2.01

    Virtual PDF Printer simplifies the process of creating PDF document. Usually PDF documents are created by specific PDF Composer software. However, it
  • Virtual Impact 1.1

    Virtual Impact (VI) is an innovative new 3D Windows-based PC game that is outside the box from other sims. One could call it a cross between a sports
  • Virtual Personality 5.01

    A professional telephone - internet voice changer voice changer utility. High quality natural voice. Pitch and frequency independent controls. Works
  • Virtual Personality+ 5.01

    A professional telephone - internet voice changer voice changer utility. High quality natural voice. Pitch and frequency independent controls. Works
  • Virtual Notifier 1.0

    Send more Effective Personalized email messages, Quickly and Easily, Save Time and Effort with all your email marketing campaigns with Your Virtual
  • Virtual Painter 5

    Turn your favorite digital photos into realistic looking paintings such as watercolor, oil painting, etc. with a few simple mouse clicks! No difficult
  • Virtual Tree 1.2

    Virtual Tree is a combined Tree/ListView .NET control with advanced data binding capabilities and unmatched performance displaying large data sources.
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  • Fahrenheit 1.1

    The Chameleon based machine and bassline monosynth to copy a real bass player is Fahrenheit. The features loaded in it are 4 compressors 2 monosynth bass machines both emulating the original bassline synth 4
  • tb unknown 2

    tb unknown is a funny bassline synth
  • Muon Tau Pro VSTi 1.01

    Tau Pro is more than just an acid bassline synthesiser. Its flexibility means that it is equally happy delivering seriously chunky lead riffs, deep junglist sub-bass or dubby textures.Tau Pro is now compatible with the
  • PVDisk 2.10

    virtual CDROM + virtual HARD DISK + DATA PROTECTION =Personal virtual Disk.PVDisk is a powerful tool for creating virtual disks and protecting personal data. It is not only a virtual disk driver for emulating physical
  • Virtual CD Network Management Server

    Optimal management of your virtual CD network The virtual CD Network Management Server has been completely optimized for the new virtual CD v9 products, so that with virtual CD NMS v9 you can fully profit from all
  • VAFS5

    VAFS5 is a flight simulator that help you have a full control of your virtual airline. Robust with features designed with the CEO in mind, VCAS will allow you to administer all areas of your virtual airline in a simple
  • Java Virtual Machine Specifications 2.0

    Java virtual Machine Specifications was written as a full document which helps the developing of the Java virtual machine. It is essential for compiler writers who wish to target the Java virtual machine and for
  • Virtual Rock 2.01

    A toy, a virtual pet, As the owner, you must feed, look after, play games with, and generally take care for your rock. If constant care is given, the pet will mature into a healthy, wellbehaved adult. If the virtual Rock
  • VMware DiskMount Utility 1.0

    After you mount a virtual disk, you can read from and write to the mounted virtual disk as if it were a separatefile system with its own drive letter or mount point on your computer. For example, you could scan the
  • Active Virtual Desktop 2.01

    virtual desktop manager for Windows. Ever wished you had several screens on your computer? Active virtual Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 virtual desktops allowing you to have different
  • Virtual Drive Creatorâ„¢ 2.0.2

    Create virtual Drives from long paths, it's easy! Type the full path or (even easier) browse to the path via the Drive and Folder Lists. Choose a drive letter from the "Available virtual Drive Letters" list
  • Virtual CD Network version

    Whether you have 5 or 5000 workstations in your company, virtual CD has the right solution for your requirements at an economical price. It does not matter how many optical discs you want to distribute in your network -
  • Sudoku A 08.13

    Use our site to improve yo Use our site to improve your game. For the best coverage on virtual Chess, check out this page on 1UP. com. For the best game FAQs, cheats, tips, codes, strategies, and more for virtual
  • Awshow Virtual Desktop Software

    Awshow virtual Desktop Software is an excellent virtual desktop software, it is easy to use and powerful. Awshow virtual Desktop Software is the most comprehensive virtual desktop solution on Windows operating system,
  • XenConvert

    You can use this program for converting a server or desktop workload from an online physical machine to a XenServer virtual machine or Provisioning Services vDisk. It contains tools for physical-to-virtual (P2V) and
  • Virtual Tour EXE 1.01

    virtual Tour EXE provides an easy way to create standalone executable (EXE) virtual tours. Standalone executable virtual tour may be burned in a CD or embedded in a Multimedia system in real estate exhibition, tourism
  • Virtual CloneDrive

    Now you can enjoy the freedom of virtual drive in real by using virtual CloneDrive. You can mount the generated images onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk or a network drive. You can get it free of charge. It
  • VMRCplus

    This tool enables management of virtual Server 2005 The name VMRCplus stads for virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus.VMRCplus is a tool for both configuration management of virtual Server and remote control of
  • Virtual Drives Command -

    virtual Drives Command let you in a quick way, create a Symbolic Link (AKA MS-DOS Device name) to a folder and present it as drive. Drives that are created with virtual Drives Command will stay even efter you will
  • Virtual Library

    This program is a virtual Library where you can store all your text documents, notes, poems or novels, you can keep your diary or write articles etc. ???virtual Library??? helps you to organize all of the things that
  • Desktop Panorama 1.0.1

    The award-winning virtual desktop with an innovative approach Desktop panorama is an award-winning virtual desktop environment that uses the innovative concept of a linear virtual desktop. Unlike traditional virtual
  • Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5 4.5

    virtual Serial Ports Driver XP creates two pure virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. For other Windows applications, virtual ports will be seen exactly as two real serial ports
  • Linux MultiMedia Studio - LMMS 0.4.10

    Now you can use your personal computer for producing music and it is possible of because of handy Linux MultiMedia Studio - LMMS. Its key features are as follow: it has user friendly interface; it can also be used for
  • Virtual Remote Machine Client 1.8

    This tool enables management of virtual Server 2005. It combines configuration management and remote control of virtual Server and virtual machines from a single Windows application.VMRCplus is a tool for both
  • VAFS4 4.0.0002

    I am sure at some point you, as a virtual airline CEO, have wanted more than just adding pilots, routes, and aircraft to your virtual airline. Maybe you wanted to be able to see how your virtual airline would compare to
  • Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive (VFD) 2.1

    A virtual floppy drive that mounts image files (*.img) as new browseable computer resources. You can mount a floppy image file as a virtual floppy drive and directly access the contents view, edit, rename, delete or
  • Virtual Network Adapter VirtNet 1.0

    You can use handy virtual Network Adapter VirtNet for following purposes: it is actually a dummy virtual network interface that can be used by some network applications; it can also be used as a virtual loopback
  • TKA - GenObazz 1.2.3

    Genobazz is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plugin, designed to be simple to use, for all your bass need, from simple bass to acid bassline.Main features:- 8 Waveforms: saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse,
  • WinArchiver Virtual Drive 2.6

    WinArchiver virtual Drive is a free virtual CD/DVD ROM utility. It can mount not only all popular CD/DVD image files, but also all popular archives. You can run programs or access the files from a virtual drive without
  • 1st Virtual Desktop 1.0

    Are you running out of desktop space? Do you have too many programs running to use your computer effectively? Do you want to be able to manage multiple desktops like you can on Linux? 1st virtual Desktop is the key to