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  • Download Tracker script 1.06

    The Download Tracker is a CGI script that manages the downloads from your web PaGE. Options include requests for email address and anti-leach system.
  • Basic Script Engine

    This is a simple scripting engine that has been created to give most of the functionality of MicrosoftASP, only with stricter typing and
  • FBSL ( Free Basic Script Language ) 1.12.2

    [+] FBSL was entirely written in BCX ( a Free BASIC to C converter by Kevin Diggins ) ).[+] FBSL is a Free scri'pt tool dedicated to 32 Bits
  • Basic Download Manager -

    The project entitled Download Manager is the application used for down load the files from the internet or intranet. Download Manager is a tool for
  • Virtual TimeClock Basic '11 Releas

    Virtual TimeClock PRO????? is a powerful, yet easy to use, software based time and attendance program that enables businesses of any size to
  • FlashGet Download - Download and manage files(such as movies mp3) 2.7

    FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've
  • NS BASIC Corporation NS Basic/Palm 7.0.0001

    The handy software NS BASIC Corporation NS Basic/Palm is capable of providing you all the features that are required for downloading applications in
  • JetAudio Basic 6.2.4 BASIC 6.2.4

    JetAudio is integrated, multimedia software made up of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has
  • Script It 1.0.0

    Script It! is cross-platform script writing software with story planning and screenplay formatting features ideal for novice. It uses simple
  • DBF Script 1.00

    DBF Script is a powerful tool which allows you to create small programs (scripts) to manage dbf files. It is useful for the programmers who want to
  • GO!Script

    GO!Script is a tool for coding scripts using snippets .It is a lightweight app that is written in .NET 2.0 for Windows PCs. YOU can contribute to this
  • GO Script

    GO Script is a useful application that offers a variety of flexible features. Major Features: Dynamic and Collaborative Snippet system for
  • ALS Script 1.03

    You can give extraordinary appearance to your digital documents by using ALS Script that is a stunning handwriting truetype font.
  • CLR Script 1.62

    Automate common Windows tasks Automate your common Windows tasks by writing script programs. Using a C-like language, powerful script programs can
  • PAD-Script 101.157a

    PHP Script for Dynamic PAD Generation Have a ton of PAD files that you have to update every time the PAD format changes? This little script will
  • Script#

    Script# is a free tool that enables developers to author C# source code and subsequently compile it into regular script that works across all modern
  • FTP Script -

    This is a Script for
  • Tel script 0.1.7

    tel is a little console-based Phone Book program. It allows adding, modifing, editing and searching of phone book entries right on your terminal. It
  • Otl Script 0.61

    otl reads a file written in a user-specified syntax and generates a second text file in a corresponding user-specified markup. The Default conversion
  • QPS script 0.2.7

    PPA (Python [Object] Publishing Accessories) is a Library of python modules useful to build web publication systems. It is a library of python
  • SL8 script 0.2

    SL8 is an object/Relational/logibase written in Ruby objects and information is stored and retrieved from sets, object relations or by SQL syntax. *
  • Ant script 1.1

    AntSpaces provides the capability to run Ant against JavaSpaces. This allows you to coordinate Ant tasks via JavaSpaces, pull out work units from a
  • Rit script 0.5

    Rit is the Ruby IMAP tool. It can be used to manipulate mailboxes over IMAP, allowing you to copy and delete mailboxes and their contents. When
  • XML for Script 3.1

    Cross Platform XML Parsing in JavaScript XML for is a powerful, standards-compliant JavaScript XML parser that is designed to help web application
  • BAR script 2.1

    BAR is a full reservations system intended for the usage of small to medium-sized tour operators and travel agents. The system has been in continuous
  • AMS script 1.1

    AMS script is a web based address management system. The AMS consists of a sql database (msql, postgressql, MySQL, ...) and a perl script that
  • Boa script 0.94.14

    Boa is a single-tasking HTTP Server. That means that unlike traditional web servers, it does not fork for each incoming connection, nor does it fork
  • ned script 0.2.0

    Ned is a text editor, based on principles from all the major ones of today, such as Emacs, Vim, Sam, and Wily, and will utilize Ruby as its extension
  • tpp script 1.3.1

    Tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. The presentation can be written with your favorite editor in a
  • C.B.G. Cs 1.6 Mp3 Script 1.0

    Well, this soft takes a list of mp3 you choose and makes a script so then you can play music inside the game with the touch of a button. Its based on
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  • Easy Control 2.0

    basic like script engine for building Windows applications, targeted to serial and TCPIP comms.Can handle not only basic tasks like open/close ports, write/read data, but more, like waiting for specific data to be
  • Global Pets 2002 1.0

    If you like pokemon or neopets, you will love this! Global Pets 2002 is a fun and educational virtual pet simulation for people of all ages. It includes basic educational games for you to play with your pet, but that's
  • XenConvert

    You can use this program for converting a server or desktop workload from an online physical machine to a XenServer virtual machine or Provisioning Services vDisk. It contains tools for physical-to-virtual (P2V) and
  • Virtual Server Backup 1.0.4

    virtual Server Backup is a script for Automatic Backup of Guests running under Microsoft virtual Server.The script aims to keep DownTime on a system/Guest to an absolute minimum, using the fastest possibly way to take
  • AnalogX Script Defender 1.03

    AnalogX script Defender intercepts any request to execute the most common scripting types used in virus attacks, such as Visual basic scripting (.VBS), Java script (.JS), etc., and can even be configured to intercept new
  • Virtual Drives Command -

    virtual Drives Command let you in a quick way, create a Symbolic Link (AKA MS-DOS Device name) to a folder and present it as drive. Drives that are created with virtual Drives Command will stay even efter you will
  • Datum Whois 1.05

    Datum Whois is a basic domain lookup PHP script. Given the large and ever increasing number of websites that are online today, the array of domain names on the internet can be rather confusing. The domain name is the
  • XFilemirror 1.0

    XFilemirror is a file mirroring solution by Sibsoft which will able you to start your own file mirroring service. Uploaded files will be automatically distributed to several file sharing sites. Upload can be
  • LikeBasic 3.5.1

    basic script engine component for .NET basic like script language with component to include in different kind of applications.Automatic typing system, no definition required. Extendable by using .NET class
  • jpWare php login system 1.0

    This script is modified version of the well-known jpMasters77 script and a Open source php/mysql login system with basic template
  • InnoScript 11 Build 17

    Convert Visual basic .NET%2C VBP%2C VBG or PDW%27s Convert Visual basic .NET, VBP, VBG or PDW's Setup.lst file to an .iss script Convert Visual basic .NET, VBP, VBG or PDW's Setup.lst file to an Inno Setup script.
  • VMC The KEY 4.0

    virtual Music Composer is a user-friendly program and can be easily used by those with no prior knowledge or understanding how to make music with a computer. Using the basic rules of notation, virtual Music Composer
  • Eltima Virtual Serial Port AX Control 6.1

    Eltima virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful tool for professional developers that allows your application to create custom additional virtual serial port in system and fully control it. You can view
  • HTMLfixIT Site Download Manager 0.90

    After looking for a quick and easy downloader script for this site, and downloading a few to see the standard of their coding. I decided there was no way I was putting any of them on my site. Most had no error checking
  • ActMask EMF Virtual Printer SDK 3.03

    You can make your own ActMask EMF virtual Printer based application with ACtMask EMF virtual Printer. Export of EMF files is supported it let you print any file through it. It is possible to customize your printer's
  • PHP Barcode Generator Script 2011

    Add barcode generation to any website with the PHP Barcode Generator script Easily add dynamic barcode generation capability to webpages with any ISP or website hosting provider that supports PHP script processing
  • Script Promotion Wizard 2.5

    An automated script submission tool would be great, but because every script directory's submission process is so unique, automation is nearly impossible. So we built script Promotion Wizard, a free tool you can add
  • SuperNotecard for Scriptwriting 1.0

    SuperNotecard for scriptwriting uses virtual notecards to help manage scriptwriting projects. Create scenes with notecards add them to decks and keep them straight with categories, references, flags and more. Includes
  • Virtual Serial Port ActiveX 7.1

    Eltima virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control is a powerful tool for professional developers that allows your application to create custom additional virtual serial port in system and fully control it. You can view
  • Windows Script Documentation 5.6

    This download provides extensive reference and conceptual documentation for all of Microsoft® Windows® script Technologies, including:- Microsoft Visual basic® scripting Edition- Microsoft Jscript®- Windows script
  • You Can Author File Scripts For Users 1.10D2

    Tired of redoing the same file copies, deletes, renames in Window Explorer? Automate repetitious file management. Record in Windows Explorer as you copy, rename, delete, open and/or zip files and folders. The
  • httpdx 1.4.6b

    Single-process HTTP1.1/FTP server; no threads or Processes started per connection, runs with only 2-4 threads. Includes directory listing, virtual hosting, basic auth., support for PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, etc. All
  • thinBasic programming language

    thin basic is an easy to use basic Programming Language Interpreter. It is fast, reliable, and well documented. It doesn't require any compilation or intermediate code. It analyzes plain text script files and executes
  • VirtualVP

    virtualVP is a software application that lets you connect up to 4 weather programs to a single Davis Vantage Pro 1 or 2 weather station (console or Envoy). Before you download and install virtualVP, you may want to
  • Folder Synchronize Script Editor 3.2

    Folder Synchronize script Editor is a companion, stand alone program to Folder Synchronize and, alternatively, Directory Toolkit. The script Editor is used to generate (or edit) script files that can then be used with
  • Cougaindex 2.6

    Cougaindex is basically an alternate layout to your standard directory indexer, it is a simple script which can be used for a few things but it works well when you have a download directory because you can customize it
  • MailNG 0.6

    MailNG is a web-based interface and management system for virtual domains hosting. Features Actually, following functionalities are provided: basic Authentication, virtual domains creation/modification/removal,
  • Tourweaver Standard Edition 7.00.120508

    Tourweaver Standard Edtion provides you with the most basic yet very useful features like maps, hotspot, popup window and various components for making your virtual tour vividly. Several virtual tour output formats are
  • VirtueDesktops 0.54 Beta 5

    "VirtueDesktops" is a virtual Desktop manager for Apple's Mac OS. It offers features, Eye candy and configurable options that no other Desktop Manager on the mac has added yet. Sadly, VirtueDesktops is no longer under
  • ArabMirc Chat Network Script 6.0

    The script include channel protection, , full commands for our services , away system , lag killer , scramble,protection against hackers and nukers, power full script you can download it from ArabMirc chat network . The