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  • Kitchen Appliances 1.0

    kitchen appliances Guide Kitchen Appliances is a must read for anyone considering the purchase of new kitchen appliances. It's designed to take
  • Persistent Storage Manager 2.1 for Server Appliances All

    Persistent Storage Manager a reliability enhancing add-on to the Server Appliance Kit 2.0, provides instantaneous data Protection & recovery through
  • GIF Base CGI 2.0

    GIF Base CGI is your tool for fast creation of dynamic images for the Internet/Intranet projects using databases of any type (counters, baners etc.).
  • GS-Base 12.1.1

    GS-Base is a Business software developed by Citadel5. After our trial and test, the software is proved to be official, secure and free. Here is the
  • BASE SDK 1.0

    BASE SDK is a C++ Software/ Application Development Toolkit. Using it you can efficiently develop any type of "Industiral Strength"
  • Base 3.1

    Base is a command line program to convert numbers to different bases. It converts between binary, octal, Decimal, and hexadecimal. For example
  • FAQ-Base 2.0

    Download hundred FAQs about Windows, Linux, BeOS, Hardware (modems,video cards,3dfx cards,monitors,etc)Find better guides for fixing and optimizing
  • pd-Base 2.4

    Description: This is a Free Address Book program with a much nicer user interface than normal. This NEW Version 2.4 includes... [01] - CodeKeeper
  • C++ base 1.1.26

    This class suite contains several powerful c++ base classes for basic encapsulation of low level operating system calls and basic Library functions.
  • rpa-base 0.2.3

    Ruby Production Archive (RPA) will provide packages of Ruby libraries and programs in a form that allows production use, engineered through a
  • All My Base 1.0

    An experimental tactical arcade game (ie, you might want to think a little as you twitch) for the Experimental Gameplay Project January theme
  • Knowledge Base

    DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software is easy to use, has a straight forward design, has a robust search engine, and works great on networks! You can also
  • Bookmark Base

    Bookmark Base is your portable collection of bookmarks. It's easy and powerful: deploy it on your USB stick and carry your bookmarks everywhere you
  • Home CD Base 1.3

    Home CD Base is powerful and easy to use program, that helps you to prevent loses in your home collection. Now you don't have to remember when, what
  • Passwords Base 6.02

    Today, as the Internet has become an integral part of the personal computer, you will need to enter passwords for access to different services. To get
  • progeBILLD Base 2010.7.0.5

    ProgeBILLD Architectural is a powerful Architectural application - running on core CAD software - To easily draw walls, parametric windows, doors and
  • Base Converter 1.00

    Base Converter is a simple application which converts numbers between three different bases - Hexadecimal, Decimal and Binary. Values upto 64 bits can
  • WSN Knowledge Base 6.0.20

    WSN KB is an article directory with SEO tools to increase your exposure. The WYSIWYG editor makes composing articles easy. The software is highly
  • Base Defense II 1.00

    Defend the Earth from enemies and soldiers! Base Defense II: Defend the Earth from enemies and
  • Any Base Converter 1.0

    Abctool: Any Radix Base Converter An easy-to-use tool for converting 8-bit to 1024-bit integer between bases 2 through 36. Key Features: 1.
  • DriverPacks BASE 10.06

    Slipstream the DriverPacks into your Windows DriverPacks BASE can be used to slipstream the DriverPacks into your Windows installation files! The
  • Base ODB Recovery 8.12.01

    Kernel for Base is an OpenOffice Base recovery software which repairs .odb files and recovers tables, queries, forms, structures from the base
  • 767-300 Base Pack 1.0

    767-300 Base Pack delivers interior and systems to all models except the -400.Main Features:- Unparalleled visual quality and realism- Designed
  • Voxpop Base 1.0.2

    Voxpop is a huge advance in Flight Simulation that adds a whole new dimension to the experience. It is the first ATC add-on for FSX that has been
  • Base Camp 3.2.2

    Take charge of your next adventure with BaseCamp, software to view and organize your maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks and send them to your Garmin
  • Base Invaders 1.3

    Miner Bent on destruction and angry at the world, the miner actively attacks any wall or trap it encounters until one of them dies. More powerful
  • Best Base Converter 2.03

    Base Conversion Calculator - can convert from any base or symbol set you select, not limited to standard base formats ex: Binary (Bin), Octal (Oct),
  • Banks Base 1.1

    It's possible to make search, filter or sort base by any of this field or some fields together. Also you can add any notes with some Text Formatting
  • Base Correct 1.0.1

    Creates or modifies the HTML BASE element of the current PaGE.This plug-in can create or modify an HTML BASE element. You can use it before saving
  • Base-64 Converter -

    During a recent project I found myself needing to convert several bitmap images to base-64. I couldn't find a simple tool to achieve this, so I
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  • Kitchen Appliances 1.0

    kitchen appliances Guide Kitchen appliances is a must read for anyone considering the purchase of new kitchen appliances. It's designed to take the fear and worry away that goes along with making such a valuable
  • System Center Monitoring Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 1.0.756.0

    This Monitoring Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) Appliance provides capabilities to discover, monitor, and manage your SQL Server PDW appliances. The management pack simplifies the
  • MyKwB - My Knowledge Base

    My Knowledge base (TM) is a computer program for the collection, organization, and sharing of knowledge as it presents itself during the daily routine. The package consists of the My Knowledge System with an extended
  • Energy Costs Calculator 1.2.1

    Do you often wonder which household appliances use so much power? You don't know why your water bill is so high? This free power and water consumption calculator will allow a quick and easy calculation of the consumption
  • MapDotNet UX 7.0.0058

    MapDotNet UX is a suite of software products for geospatial visualization, Analysis and integration. The products in the suite are designed to be used together or individually, and can also be used in conjunction with
  • ActMask Image Virtual Printer SDK 3.026

    The handy software program ActMask Image virtual Printer SDK helps you in following tasks: in developing your own software base on ActMask Image virtual Printer SDK; in exporting data to JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PCX,
  • VMware Server Console 1.0.10

    Begin enjoying the benefits of server virtualization for free. VMware Server is a hosted virtualization platform that installs like an application on any existing server hardware and partitions a physical server into
  • Calc-Electric 1.0.5a

    Calc-Electric is a program for your PC which provides a cheap and highly accurate way for you to monitor electricity consumption in your home or any building with an electricity meter, and it's completely free. See a
  • C2Home Server 1.0

    This software loads on your PC in minutes and with just one hardware connection is ready to put you in command of devices throughout your domain. While you're away - the server enables remote access to home base via
  • Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 6.9

    Eltima virtual Serial Port Driver comes in handy when you don't have enough serial ports in your system, or all of them are occupied and you still need more. Or you don't have hardware serial ports at all
  • Vaxa Acid base equilibrium 1.7

    Vaxa Acid base equilibrium 1.7 provides you a powerful software which lets you print graph and data table for each acid base equilibrium. Major Features: Acid base equilibrium for Windows. Single acid or base solution.
  • Base ODB Recovery 8.12.01

    Kernel for base is an OpenOffice base recovery software which repairs .odb files and recovers tables, queries, forms, structures from the base
  • ABEW Acid-base equilibriums for Windows 1.7

    ABEW - Acid base equilibrium for Windows.- Single acid or base solution.- Salt hydrolysis.- Mixture of acid + base. - Buffer solution. - Acid base titration (polyprotic acids titration).- 26 types of graphics.- pH,
  • Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 5.1

    Eltima virtual Serial Ports Driver XP comes in handy when you don't have enough serial ports in your system, or all of them are occupied and you still need more. Or you don't have hardware serial ports at all .Created
  • PVDisk 2.10

    virtual CDROM + virtual HARD DISK + DATA PROTECTION =Personal virtual Disk.PVDisk is a powerful tool for creating virtual disks and protecting personal data. It is not only a virtual disk driver for emulating physical
  • Virtual CD Network Management Server

    Optimal management of your virtual CD network The virtual CD Network Management Server has been completely optimized for the new virtual CD v9 products, so that with virtual CD NMS v9 you can fully profit from all
  • Super Happy Fun Space Game 1.0

    Pilot your ship to destroy the enemy base in this addictive shareware game. Each level, the enemy becomes more powerful. You have to decide whether to attack or defend. Intercept the enemy's rocket and you have the best
  • VAFS5

    VAFS5 is a flight simulator that help you have a full control of your virtual airline. Robust with features designed with the CEO in mind, VCAS will allow you to administer all areas of your virtual airline in a simple
  • Java Virtual Machine Specifications 2.0

    Java virtual Machine Specifications was written as a full document which helps the developing of the Java virtual machine. It is essential for compiler writers who wish to target the Java virtual machine and for
  • StereoMeter 3.3

    Optimum stereo base calculating Triaxes StereoMeter is used to calculate the optimum stereo base for making stereo photos. Stereo base - the distance between positions for taking the left and right photos or between
  • CurrentChart 2.0

    CurrentChart is used to stores and charts all historical data.Features:- totally free- Uses Firebird database. Can handle large numbers!- Extremely (endlessly) customizable charts- caters for Australian voltage (240V).
  • DoyleSoft Knowledge Base 2.9 Build 92

    Knowledge base is very easy to use. Knowledge base also works over an existing network and should easily accommodate all of your computers. Knowledge base is perfect for: dental, medical, veterinary, legal, High-tech,
  • Virtual Rock 2.01

    A toy, a virtual pet, As the owner, you must feed, look after, play games with, and generally take care for your rock. If constant care is given, the pet will mature into a healthy, wellbehaved adult. If the virtual Rock
  • VMware DiskMount Utility 1.0

    After you mount a virtual disk, you can read from and write to the mounted virtual disk as if it were a separatefile system with its own drive letter or mount point on your computer. For example, you could scan the
  • WinTitration - Acid base titration curve 1.1

    WinTitration - Acid base titration equilibrium with pH curve and color indicator variation.4 types of valoration:Strong acid with strong base / Weak acid with strong base.Strong base with strong acid / Weak base with
  • Active Virtual Desktop 2.01

    virtual desktop manager for Windows. Ever wished you had several screens on your computer? Active virtual Desktop is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 virtual desktops allowing you to have different
  • Virtual Drive Creatorâ„¢ 2.0.2

    Create virtual Drives from long paths, it's easy! Type the full path or (even easier) browse to the path via the Drive and Folder Lists. Choose a drive letter from the "Available virtual Drive Letters" list
  • ASP/.NET Google Base Export 3.0

    COM object, which would help you export easy your products into Goole base engine. The main benefits for content providers are threefold: Popularity: Google base is one of the most popular product search engine from
  • Gerbing Fotoalbum 13 13.3.15

    With GERBING fotoalbum 13 you can search selectively for fotos/videos in a data base where you have stored keywords and location. After the search you can display the found fotos/videos. At the installation a small
  • Myriad Music Plug-In 5.6.0f

    This plug-in enables to play, display, transpose and print files created with Melody Assistant or Harmony Assistant, directly from your web browser. MusicXML (.xml) and Packed MusicXML (.mxl) files are also managed.